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Away Days, Event Facilitation and Continuing Professional Development

Our expertise is in providing and advising on Clinical Health events, particularly those relating to Health Psychology behaviour change.

Clinical Team 'Away Days'



In these days of targets and budget cuts one of the most effective ways to engage and inspire your teams and services are through focussed and targeted away days.


Our tailored events are an opportunity for your services and teams to achieve internal change:

  • Review clinical processes, sticking points and key client groups.

  • Work as a team to develop more effective assessment, formulation or treatment strategies

  • Draw upon our considerable experience and behaviour change expertise to develop new ways of working.


Culminating in clear and detailed action planning which we know, from the research evidence base, is a key factor in achieving change in practice.

Event Facilitation



Do you need to engage your local, regional or national partners around a specific behaviour change topic or agenda?


  • Transplant services and developments

  • Preventative health: Weight, smoking etc

  • Chronic Disease: CVD, COPD, MS, Diabetes


Our expertise in behaviour change, condition management and adjustment/ adherence can help you in developing the content and format of the day so that you and your target audience can gain the most from the event.


Our focus is moving away from "talking shops" and moving towards goals of clear goals and outcomes leading to the maximum influence and potential to cause change.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)  

All professional groups have requirements to maintain, update and develop their skills and knowledge. Many professional groups have statutory requirements to do this to ensure safe and effective practice.


Our expertise is in providing Psychological behaviour change clinical skills CPD events such as:

  • Preventative health behaviours (screening, innoculations, smoking, diet, exercise)

  • Health condition behaviours (medication taking, non-adherence, psychological adjustment, pacing)

  • Quality of life, living with terminal conditions, staff coping skills


These services can be provided through one off or regular one-to-one, group supervision or training sessions.

As experienced Health Psychologist clinicians, with a background working in public and private sector health organisations and of working with third sector, statutory and governmental organisations, we are expert in supporting and developing services, teams and individual to develop their skills and processes.


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