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Health Psychology Supervision Services

The British Psychological Society defines supervision as one aspect of reflective practice, which the HCPC require as part of our annual continuing professional development (BPS 2017). Supervision is a way for practitioners to counterbalance biases in decision making as it enables us to step back from our work and consider different perspectives.
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Sasha Cain

Having been a practitioner for many years, as well as training & supporting many HPs, I love to support practitioners at all levels of experience, and working across a broad range of settings through providing my tailored supervision services.

As well as the benefits gained from the supervision sessions themselves, my Supervisees also have
exclusive access to a private webpage of supervision resources, bringing together themes & learning needs across SCPS supervisees as well as updating on professional guidelines and interesting tips and links. 

My background: 20+ years of supervising HPs, Registered Applied Psychology Practice Supervisor (RAPPS). 15 years applied HP practice in Health and Social Care; 10 years of experience in independent practice. My bio

Find out more about me: Read my recent article on addressing difference and discrimination in applied practice, & how we can discuss these issues in supervision. And view my recent podcast about integrating difference and discrimination into practice.

There is so much to gain in your practice from having access to an experienced Health Psychologist supervisor...

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Career Development

Supervisee's often choose to discuss their development to-date; considering their future goals and opportunities.

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Having a chance to step back from your client work and identify what is working well.

Getting an external perspective and a chance to consider alternative approaches & plan your next steps.

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Developing Your Services

Many supervisee's are starting companies or planning new services. Getting feedback on resources, materials, ideas or opportunities can help you think through your professional roles and responsibilities.

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HCPC  Governance

The best way to provide assurance about safe, effective & legal practice is to have an experienced, independent health psychologist supervisor, & to evidence the impact this has on your practice.

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What do we talk about in Supervision?

Each session is unique and can be focused around all and any aspects of your practice. One week you might want career focused discussions; another you may need to focus on your therapeutic skills; next month you might want to focus on building your independent practice, or discussing themes across cases. My supervisee's also find unexpected benefits from supervision and feedback that sessions provide clarity, relieve their anxieties and build their confidence. 

Examples of the work I supervise: Bariatric psychology, Chronic Pain, Sleep problems, Sickle Cell, IAPT Long-term Conditions, Smoking Cessation Services, Weight Management, Public Health Services, Local authority Commissioning, Older Adults (isolation, condition management), Eczema Services, Occupational/Workplace wellbeing and general independent practice.

Who do I provide Supervision Services to?  

  • All levels of HP career (newly qualified, early career, mid career, consultant (8c+)

  • Across work sectors: NHS, Private, Third Sector, Local Authority, Independent Practice

  • HPs in academic settings & developing independent or therapeutic practice

  • Non-Health Professionals working with health psychology client groups

  • Stage 2 trainee's (see information below titled "In-training")

  • Others not included above- contact us to let us know your supervision needs!

Personal Supervision Sessions
Telephone or online supervision for individuals (HCPC Registered Health Psychologists or people not-in-training e.g., completed Health Psychology MSc and work in applied setting). Sessions run over 60 minutes. Self-funded sessions with discount for block booking. Click here for rates.
Small Group Supervision Sessions
Virtual clinical supervision for small staff groups (dept/service teams, or groups of individuals (up to 4). Sessions run over 90 minutes with opportunities for all members of the group to present cases/work challenges and learn from peer review. Frequency from monthly to quarterly and are self-funded. Block book for discounted rates. Click here for rates.
Organisational/ Institutionally Funded Supervision
Telephone or online supervision for individuals or small groups ( = 4). Funded by your employer & designed to support an external quality assurance process underpinning good practice & CPD development e.g., where employees have one person managing & supervising them. Institutional supervision rate includes input into the employees IPD planning & appraisal. Click here for rates.
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In-training (Registered on a Stage 2 course or BPS Independent Route)
Option 1: Trainee's in applied practice with no HP supervision- we can provide ongoing supervision. 
Option 2: Short-term supervision for individuals completing their HP interventions competency.
Option 3: Assessment of your HP intervention for your Stage 2/DPsych training (A package of 4 assessed sessions (Assessment, Formulation, Intervention & Evaluation) & a report. Click here for rates.
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