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Frequently Asked Questions!

Any questions or queries you might have hopefully will be answered below. However, if not then please contact us at​​​ & we will get back to you as soon as possible. Many thanks.​


Who are our clients?

​We are commissioned by private commercial healthcare companies (providing services for pharmaceutical companies, the NHS), the public health system, academic institutions and charities to design and deliver a variety of healthcare clinical products/programmes, training events or work on specific consultancy projects. Contact us directly to talk about a project proposal, piece of work or any particular clinical problem that behaviour change science and an individualised approach to health outcomes would benefit from.


What types of clinical products are we commissioned to deliver?

We utilise our professional health psychology training, clinical skills in long-term condition management and behaviour change expertise to meet our clients' goals of improving healthcare outcomes and the quality of life of the wider public, ill populations and hard to reach groups. We focus on improving treatment and medication adherence, lifestyle and health behaviour change, emotional adjustment to long-term chronic illness and increasing functional capacity, symptom management and quality of life.


What types of e-health/media do we work with?

We work with translating the science of behaviour change into everyday healthcare programmes and products that use practical, valuable and engaging tools, assessments and interventions that change people's thoughts, attitudes and feelings about changing their health and behaviour. We use our professional evidence base and clinical skills to design complex interventions which we interpret with our clients' creative and IT teams to develop their own personalised therapeutic health interventions to work on multi-platforms e.g. iPad/smartphone, PC/Web, DVD/audio, Print. Personalised, individually tailored programmes for each user/client that fits with their goals and needs.


What do our specialist training events offer?

Our training events offer innovative applied skills training utilising case studies, video learning, demonstrations and small group clinical practice work. We offer a comprehensive learning package so that professionals who attend can acquire practical and clinical skills that can be employed immediately into healthcare practice and services.  All training events include a certificate of attendance and a comprehensive course materials pack. 

Who facilitates our training events?

All our training events are facilitated by Sasha Cain, HCPC Registered Practitioner Psychologists (Health),  BPS Chartered Psychologist and BPS RAPPS Approved supervisors. With over 24 years of applied health psychology clinical practice, health and social care training expertise and consultancy experience. She has worked in and supervised staff in a variety of UK public and private healthcare services. On occasion  training events are facilitated by guest lecturers or practitioners external to SCPS consulting. However all guest trainers are advertised in advance and are accredited experts in their field of study or practice chosen to deliver high quality applied clinically relevant training,


How can I book my training place?

All training events can be booked on-line via the Training Shop accessed via the Training Programme pages and the price list page. If you are trying to book through the Shop but cannot access the pages (due to using a computer with a pop-up blocker or firewall e.g. through the NHS) then please e-mail us at and we will send you a registration form to complete with details of how to pay via a bank transfer or by PayPal (you do not need an account with PayPal to do this) or through your company invoice. 



Where are the training events held & at what time?

Training events are currently self-directed online content or Hybrid online training. Hybrid Courses are typcially half-day sessions. 

Why can't I access the training shop from my computer?

If you are accessing our Training Shop from a company computer/network system then you may find it difficult to view the page due to a pop-up blocker or firewall restriction. If you are able to disable these temporarily to view the Shop then this should be resolved. If not, then you can either view the Shop from your home PC or you can email for details, invoicing and BACS payments.


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