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Health & Social Care Training Programme

We have 30 years of combined experience of working with all types of Health Professionals and seeing where our knowledge, skills and expertise could really come in handy. Our training events for Health Professionals bring together real-life clinical services and practical and effective tools to improve your practice, outcomes and your job satisfaction! 


NEW: We have a half day "personal resilience builder" training & a 2-day CBT MECC training that can be provided online to staff groups. To receive a quote for your workplace or to book training event(s) please contact us here: email


More training options are shown below, click on the more info button to email us where there is no date currently confirmed.

​* Concession prices available for students/trainees.

Venue: TBC (online provision available to workplace groups)

SCCH Health Psychology Consulting

Improving Treatment & Lifestyle Adherence in

Long- Term Conditions

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Research has shown that 70% of non-adherence is intentional. This training provides insight into models of non-adherence and evidence based behaviour and psychological change interventions skills necessary to achieve greater adherence and health outcomes for individuals with LTCs. Includes evidence of effective clinical intervention strategies and how patients’ adjustment to their condition impacts on adherence. This event includes lunch.

SCCH Health Psychology Consulting, training
Motivational Interviewing:  An Introduction



Improving Your Smoking Cessation Interventions

Enquire for workplace package rate.

Health Psychology intervention skills and models of behaviour change can help you to improve the effectiveness of your interventions with individuals and groups. Learn about simple changes to assesments and formulation of your clients and how these can naturally lead you to refine your interventions to achieve both better outcomes and improved user satisfaction. 

SCCH Health Psychology Consulting, training
​CBT: Introduction for Health Professionals

Enquire for workplace package rate.

Motivational interviewing (MI) has been effective in supporting behaviour change e.g. smoking cessation, substance misuse, weight management. This training provides an overview of the MI model and ethos, key skills, techniques and interventions and provides a practical learning opportunity to develop a manualised approach to undertaking MI practice.

Improving Health Behaviours & Lifestyles

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Individual Rate £145 

This training provides an overview of applying psychological and behavioural techniques to improve health behaviours and improving lifestyles e.g. smoking cessation, weight management/obesity, exercise and dietary change. The training provides an understanding of the evidence base for applying intervention techniques such as CBT inconjunction with Health Behaviour Change (HBC) Models to maximise health outcomes and improve readines to change. 

Staying Fit
Developing Personal Resilience

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1/2 day online training



Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is an evidence based therapy that has been applied to physical health management. Many Health Professionals can use these skills, but require training of the basic CBT model, key skills in practice and uniquely how to use these skills with their patients in a variety of medical and health settings/services.

SCCH Health Psychology Consulting
CBT for Long-term Condition Management

Date: TBC enquire for more info

£145 - 1 day course

This training provides an overview of the evidence base for CBT to manage long term conditions (LTCs) e.g. COPD, cardiac disease, cancer and will focus on understanding how CBT is applied to symptom, adherence and adjustment management. The practical content of the training allows an opportunity to learn CBT key skills effective for enhancing health outcomes for individuals with LTCs.

Nurse and Patient
Using CBT in Making Every Contact Count Interactions Enquire for workplace package rate.

2-day Remote Zoom Training

This training video provides an overview of experiences of COVID19, stages of psychological adjustment and then supports you step by step to develop your own strengths based resilience model. The training provides you with protected time to develop yourself, to take time away from the daily stressors, checking with yourself on how you are coping, reconnecting with your key strengths and planning for how to integrate these into your daily coping strategies. 

This training gives an overview of the Making Every Contact Count (MECC) and of the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Model. It provides Tier 3 MECC training, suitable for people who have regular contact with clients over a number of sessions, who have at least 30 minutes per session with clients and who already have a role in health and or social care behaviour change conversations with their clients. Trainee's will be provided with a toolkit of CBT skills and techniques that can be used across lifestyle changes, with a focus on Smoking, Alcohol, Weight and Mental Health.

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