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"Training the Trainers"Are you teaching on a UK Health Psychology Course?

Do you want to include more practitioner skills into your training? Do you want to develop your own understanding of Practitioner Skills? Would you like to develop the way that you teach and assess interventions skills within your Stage 1 (MSc) and/or Stage 2 Training? 


Our two training days (consecutively) are designed for academic lecturing staff teaching on UK Health Psychology training courses who may have little direct experience of applied practice and are wanting to experience how to teach Psychological Interventions/Behaviour Change knowledge and skills. Our courses provide an understanding of how to deliver health psychology practitioner (individual) interventions and effectively train and assess trainees' interventions skills without having to become an expert practitioner.


Only staff teaching on training courses are accepted onto this course so that the focus of the course can be directed to "training the trainers" - giving those staff additional skills in practitioner training.

Train the Trainers: Day 1
Understanding Applied Practice Intervention Skills: 
1 day course -TBC

Cost: £175

Train the Trainers: Day 2
Teaching & Assessing Applied Practice Intervention Skills: 
1 day course - TBC

Cost: £175


Learn about therapeutic skills and methods of teaching them using real-world clinical case studies. Skills training focuses on clinical judgement and decision making, interpersonal and therapeutic communication skills and personal and professional schemas. Consider the current applied content in your course and identify opportunities to integrate Health Psychology therapeutic practice skills within the existing structures.



Learn about methods to assess intervention skills and professional behaviours.  Think through the process of assessing competencies for applied practice in health psychology. Develop techniques to improve trainees’ competency to practice. Consider how you could implement changes and methods of assessment and teaching within your course

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