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2nd Applied Health Psychology Networking and Careers Event 2015


This event returned to the BPS London offices on November 19th 2015 following the sucess of the launch of the Applied Health Psychology Network in 2014. It was a great success with 36 applied health psychology practitioners (qualified and trainees) meeting to discuss and experience in small group workshops models and methods of professional and clinical supervision and their experiences of supervision in their career pathway. 


Our invited Speaker Pavlo Kanellakis also gave a fascinating insight into his experience of working with Practitioner Psychologists and the HCPC in reviewing their fitness to practice - giving us valuable examples of the challeges of applied professional practice and the issues and difficulties that can arise in fitness to practice reviews. The participants had the oportunity to ask about their own concerns surrounding fitness to practice in the workplace and the conflict between having a work manager as a supervisor and how this could impact on any fitness to practice allegations and support from the workplace. Read the BPS Division of Health Psychology Health Psychology Update Events Report about the 2015/2016 events here.





Feedback from the Event was really productive;


"I found the group supervision sessions thought provoking and stimulating and found the cases really useful and interesting" (qualified health psychologist)


"More awareness of legislation and the important of the HCPC" (trainee stage 2)


"Useful to understand about my personal responsibilities in CPD and supervision" (researcher in applied setting)


"Made me think about the importance of supervision and maintaining the HCPC Standards within my work"

(qualified health psychologist)


"Has made me think more broadly about 'issues to expect' within my own work" (qualified health psychologist)


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