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Good to know about SCCH Training Events...

SCCH training days are highly interactive and may be unlike other events you have attended. There will be lots of opportunities for you to work in pairs, role play and ask questions. This can be very rewarding and extremely beneficial for you in terms of developing your skills and knowledge. It maybe something that is new to you however the experience of learning skills by this method is proven to improve learning outcomes and skills development for our attendees.


Our events focus on developing your knowledge and skills and so we ask you to think about, and rate your current levels before you arrive. People of all levels and abilities come to our SCCH Consulting training events, so whatever your level of knowledge and skills you have, you will fit in perfectly.


You may find it useful to bring pens, a note book or some paper - the training room is organised with tables in a circular group so you have room to rest learning materials and lean on.  Reading over the pre-course information sent to you thoroughly to contemplate your abilities and personal interest in each area of the day will also be useful and complete your pre-self-assessment training information and remember to print out and bring with you. 


Layers of clothing are also important as the air temperature can vary throughout the day in the different training rooms we use.


Tea/coffee/water and biscuits are provided throughout the day however lunch is not provided as part of the course. There are however many food venues locally around the BPS office/Old Street that you can go to in the lunch break. Please note that the new BPS terms and conditions now stipulates that people are not to bring their own food into the venue, so please be aware of this on the day.


Please do contact us if you have any other questions, otherwise we look forward to meeting you at our SCCH Consulting training event.


Claire & Sasha (SCCH)

email us at:

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