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Testimonials - real feedback and thoughts on our training!


"Traditional training of Health Psychology within educational settings tends to focus more heavily on theory and psychological interpretation, which can leave some notion of deficit in the attention given to the context within which Health Psychology can be applied. SCCH training gives a thorough exploration of the important issues in the application of Health psychology, within clinical settings. "(PhD Student)

"I really enjoyed the training and I think this information would be invaluable for individuals doing their health psychology training. I think it may help people from qualifying and feeling confused about professional identity and what health psychologists can actually offer compared with other psychologists. "(Professional Doctorate in Health Psychology Stage 2 Graduate)

"The atmosphere during the training was warm and inviting and the trainees had an opportunity to contribute to discussions and work in a group. "(PhD Student)

"I would like to work as a practitioner  so I  think the course [Foundations of Health Psychology Clinical Practice] has helped me feel more confident about practical issues associated with working with patients/clients such as assessing referrals, being clearer on my role, setting boundaries with others professionals, etc...” (Research Assistant working in NHS, HCPC Registered Psychologist)

"The material allows room for easy interpretation and application to real life problematic issues, which attendees are encouraged to share and discuss from their own knowledge and experiences. " (MSc Health Psychology Graduate)

"Case studies enriched the training which proved to be an excellent way of facilitating learning and, above all, made the training very interesting and hands-on focused. "(Stage 1 trainee graduate)

"The small group session worked well for participation and sharing experiences. Case studies were great and really applied. Stage 2 training courses definitely need an approach similar to this. "(Professional Doctorate in Health Psychology Graduate)

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