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What will be covered by the course?

The course covers three main areas;


1. Standards of Health Psychology Clinical Practice:

  • Ethical Issues e.g. consent, confidentiality

  • Legal requirements for safe practice

  • CPD requirements & HCPC expectations/ BPS standards of practice and their implications for practice


2. Setting up New Services Versus Working in Existing Services:

  • Setting up services: private/ public

  • Referral process and management

  • Working within service constraint

  • Job role seniority and responsibility

  • Structure of services within the larger team/ organisation

  • Relationship management e.g. family, multi-disciplinary teams

  • Support and supervision/ liaison


3. Professional Behaviour When Working with Clients:

  • Clinical Skills e.g communication styles, listening skills, collaboration, rapport

  • Personal Awareness and Boundaries

  • Therapeutic alliance between Psychologist-Client

  • Informed Consent, Mental Capacity and Risk Management

  • Issues relating to Assessment and formulation



How will this course help me?

We aim for attendees to gain a comprehensive understanding of the foundations of Health Psychology clinical practice by being able to:

  • Describe the basic legal, ethical and clinical standards of Health Psychology safe practice

  • Understand the processes involved in setting up and delivering a safe Health Psychology Service

  • Describe the professional behaviours required to develop the psychologist-client relationship

  • Be self-aware of the personal factors that can impact on clinical practice effectiveness

  • Use clinical judgement skills to reflect on clinical practice issues

  • Identify key changes in clinical practice that they intend to implement within their current role



How can I determine the quality of the course?

We ask all our course attendees to complete a feedback and evaluation form. You can find our course reviews and feedback on our testimonials page. We welcome constructive feedback on how our courses are run, their content and value within everyday practice.


Who is this course for?

Foundations of Health Psychology Clinical practice is suitable for qualified Health Psychologists, and those in training wishing to learn about and develop their applied practice skills and the processes involved in setting up a safe, effective and ethical health psychology service.

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We have included some additional Information which hopefully will be helpful to read before you arrive, and to prepare for attending the course. 

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