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Examples of our work

​We have worked on a variety of clinical, research, training and consultancy projects: 

  • Developing and testing clinical screening tools for clinicians/patients/services/products (to enhance patient reported outcomes, adherence management, improve clinical outcomes).

  • Designing, implementing and analysing clinical research projects (to enhance service development, programme and product design - qualitative & quantitative).

  • Designing and conducting clinician workshops, interviews, patients forums, beta testing with clients and target groups (where attitudes, beliefs, behaviour and psychological behavioural factors influence clinical outcomes). 

  • Designing, developing and testing clinical interventions and products on multi-media platforms (web, Apps - iPad/smartphone, print and CD/DVD) to support people with long-term conditions to better manage symptoms, function, quality of life, coping and treatment management.

  • Providing expert evidence based consultation on the clinical design, delivery and implementation of Patient Support, Adherence and Communication Programmes (for Third Sector Charities, Pharma, Insurers, NHS and Private Healthcare).

  • Conducting and writing of systematic and literature reviews for programme/intervention design, policy recommendations, evidence base and publishing. 

  • Applying for research grants to study patient outcomes associated with clinical intervention design to support product/programme effectiveness.

  • Research, survey and audit of health service delivery, care pathways, policy implementation, standards of care.

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