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ACT Therapy: Introduction for Health Psychologists

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Led by: Sasha Cain, CPsychol. FBPsS



What will be covered by the course?

This course will cover two main areas:


  1. Foundations of HP therapeutic practice:

  • Ethical practice, judgement errors, realistic expectations


  1. ACT foundations:

  • Evidence base of ACT

  • Philosophy of ACT: language development and relational frame

  • Basic skills & techniques: Assessment of core processes, choice point, creative helplessness, pushing the paper, dropping anchor, committed action

3. Developing clinical skills:

  • Assessment of case studies and role play experience of implementing key ACT techniques

  • Interventions and effective action planning


How will this course help me?

We aim for trainee's to gain a comprehensive understanding of utilising basic ACT in Health Psychology settings. This includes being able to:

  • describe the basic ACT Model and the Hexaflex with its 6 core processes.

  • describe the basic MI skills & techniques and their relevance to working with individuals.   

  • understand the evidence base of ACT and its place within HP treatment programmes.

  • identify how the integration of ACT into HP practice would impact on content and process of therapeutic sessions.

  • identify key changes in clinical practice to be implemented within their current role.


What materials will I receive when I purchase this training?

This is a self-directed online training event.To help you complete the training you will receive:

  • pre-training self-assessment of your current knowledge and skills

  • task sheets to use to complete the training tasks   

  • transcripts of interventions with the case study client

  • comprehensive video training (equivalent to 8 hours of training), including experiential audio ACT exercises

  • references for more information and further research

  • post training self-assessment of your knowledge and skills

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