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Motivational Interviewing: An Introduction for Health Psychologists

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Led by: Sasha Cain, C.Psychol. AFBPsS, Consultant Health Psychologist

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for qualified Health Psychologists and those in training wishing to develop specialist Motivational Interviewing (MI) knowledge and skills applied to Health Psyhology and Behaviour Change to enhance healthcare services and intervention delivery.


What will be covered by the course?

  • Evidence base of MI: long term conditions, mental health, preventative health

  • Philosophy and ethos of MI

  • Basic skills and techniques: Listening skills, rolling with resistance, change talk, building self-efficacy

  • Staged interventions: assessing readiness to change, engaging with ambivalence, action plans

  • Manualised Approaches to delivering MI e.g. substance misuse, lifestyle management

How will this course help me?

Our aim is for attendees to gain a comprehensive understanding of utilising basic MI in physical healthcare practice. Including being able;


  • To describe the basic MI Model and its application to managing physical health conditions.

  • To describe the basic MI skills and techniques and their relevance to working with individuals with physical health conditions.   

  • To understand the evidence base of MI and its place within treatment programmes.

  • To understand manualised approaches to delivering MI.

  • To be aware of ethical, medical and healthcare factors that impact on delivering MI

  • To identify key changes in clinical practice to be implemented within their current role.

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We have included some additional Information which hopefully will be helpful to read before you arrive, and to prepare for attending the course. 


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