Examples of Our Work

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    Healthcare Service Review, Development & Supervision

    NHS & Public Health Service review, improvement & Service provision support & refinement:


    Staff behaviour change supervision within smoking cessation, weight management, Health Trainer & Community Falls Teams.

    Mapping of service interventions onto HP models and gap analysis.

    Reviewing Public Health Council Sustainability & Transformation Plans for behaviour change outcomes.

    Consultancy advice about the process, content & competences required for stepped care behaviour change services in Public Health services.

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    Client Support Programmes

    Examples of designing and developing digital and clinical patient support/ adherence & behaviour change programmes:

    Developing an evidence based programme from literature reviewing.

    Designing an psychological algorithm for allocating users to programme interventions to maximise outcomes for individuals.

    Designing and writing psychological/behaviour change intervention content based on clinical therapeutic expertise.

    Developing a measures framework for evaluating the programme outcomes.

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    Bespoke (clinical skills) Training Development 

    Our work develops and delivers bespoke commissioned training for the NHS, Public Health and Universities:

    CBT for Health, Social care and Educational Professionals

    Motivation Interviewing Training for Health Professionals

    Developing consultancy in healthcare practice

    Medical adherence management for GP/ allied health care professionals

    Behaviour change training for lifestyle services and older adults teams

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    Health Behaviour Change/ Psychology Consultancy 

    Commissioned to provide expert BC consultancy to the NHS & Public Health Services:

    Develop psychological assessment and outcomes measures for NHS services that need to improve adherence to treatments.

    Support and advise Service Managers in NHS (e.g. older adults, cardiovascular and renal care) regarding adapting services to improve behaviour change outcomes of users.

    Advise and develop clinical governance protocols for NHS Physical Health Psychology Services.